Guided tours designed for children, Copenhagen, Oslo & Stockholm


Scandikidstours was born of the initiative of two agencies established in Scandinavia for almost 10 years: : NORDIC INSITE et StockholMania Tours.

Relying on extensive guiding expertise and noting a real shortage of tours adapted to small travellers, Christine and Isabelle have combined their know-how as guides and tour designers to develop itineraries created and adapted to the specific needs of children.

All our tours are the result of our shared cultural experiences and the multi-disciplinary knowledge of our teams.

With us, the children (and parents 😉 )will discover   Scandinavian culture without ever being bored!

Our offers

All the tours offered have been designed to meet the needs of children


Our team is made up of guides and animators who take special care in interacting with children. They use a teaching method based on exchange and dialogue with little travellers and invite them to participate actively in the discovery of the city, its history or the theme targeted in the walk.

Our guides, whose focus is involving children, use objects and accessories that allow children to dive into the era or the theme of the walk. Trained in guiding techniques, we appeal to the children’s attention to detail and their eagerness to help us solving riddles.

Passionate, smiling and good communicators, our guides know how to create an atmosphere of confidence and good spirits enabling the smooth running of the tours.

Flexible and capable of adapting to the unforeseen (weather, annoyance, fatigue, etc.), and to react to even the funniest questions, they provide a positive and peaceful visit experience in the most Scandinavian spirit

A unique range of tours

A wide range of tours that allow you to approach Scandinavia from different angles: from the Vikings to Scandinavian design, including great historical or imaginary figures. The range of choice is made possible thanks to a competent multi-disciplinary team.

Active learning

We offer a learning method that places discovery and action at the centre of the relationship. The children are prompted by the guide and they participate actively in the adventure. Animated scenes allow participants to dive into the atmosphere of the theme.

Attentive guides

Our guides take into account the specific needs of children and engage with the questions of small travellers. They create a playful interactive relationship which can involve both the oldest and the youngest.