Guided tours designed for children, Copenhagen, Oslo & Stockholm


Our guides are trained to animate lively and interactive tours allowing children to be involved in the stories.  The guides always do their outmost to provide an experience the children will remember.

Multi-lingual and residing in Scandinavia, they bring their good mood, humour and patience to answer the children’s questions. They draw from their experience and personal resources to find solutions adapted to each age and temperament to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.


Christine vit à Copenhague où elle travaille comme organisatrice de voyages professionnels depuis près de 20 ans. Elle est à l’origine du projet Scandikids et responsable des tours proposés à Copenhague. Dotée d’un humour à toute épreuve et spécialiste du Danemark, elle apporte à l’entreprise sa bonne humeur et son professionnalisme dans l’organisation de tours fluides et pertinents. 


Isabelle vit à Stockholm où elle travaille comme guide autorisée de Stockholm et conceptrice de tours guidés depuis près de 10 ans. Elle a rebondi sur l’idée de Christine de créer en Scandinavie une offre adaptée aux enfants et qui prenne en compte leurs besoins spécifiques. Dotée d’une grande créativité, spécialiste de la Suède, elle apporte à l’entreprise son énergie et son imagination pour l’organisation des tours à Stockholm. 


Virginie vit à Oslo où elle travaille comme organisatrice de voyages professionnels et comme guide autorisée d’Oslo depuis près de 15 ans. Virginie accompagne également des groupes de voyageurs dans toute la Norvège qu’elle connaît comme sa poche. elle apporte à Scandikidstours son expertise, sa bonne humeur et ses bonnes idées pour l’organisation de tours à Oslo. 


Marie-Cerise vit à Stockholm depuis près de 5 ans où elle travaille comme guide-musée, tour leader et bientôt guide autorisée de Stockholm. Elle a une formation de traductrice et donc un sens de la rigueur à toute épreuve. Elle apporte à l’entreprise sa joie, son sens du détail et ses compétences précieuses sur les musées et la ville de Stockholm. 


Christine lives in Copenhagen where she has worked as a professional travel organizer for almost 10 years. She is the creator of Scandikidstours and is responsible for the tours offered in Copenhagen. Blessed with plenty of humour and a specialist in Denmark, she brings to the company her good mood and her professionalism in the organization of seamless tours.


Isabelle lives in Stockholm where she works as a licensed Stockholm guide and designer of guided tours for almost 10 years. She responded enthusiastically to Christine’s idea of creating tours in Scandinavia specially designed for children and taking into account their specific needs. Possessing great creativity, a specialist of Sweden, she brings to the company her energy and her imagination for the organization of tours in Stockholm


Virginie lives in Oslo where she has worked as a Destination Manager and as a licensed Oslo guide for almost 15 years. Virginie also accompanies groups of travellers all over Norway which she knows inside out. She brings her expertise, pleasant disposition and good ideas for organizing tours in Oslo.


Marie-Cerise has lived in Stockholm for almost 5 years where she works as a museum guide, tour leader and licensed guide for the City of Stockholm. She has worked as an interpreter and translator and therefore has an extensive and colourful vocabulary in many languages.  She brings her joy, attention to detail and valuable skills to museums and the city of Stockholm


Monique has lived in Stockholm for over 30 years and works as a teacher of foreign languages and Swedish for immigrant health staff. Monique is educated in France as a trilingual guide interpreter, a profession which she has continued with passion. A few years ago, she graduated as a licensed Stockholm guide. She brings her good humour, her joy, her organizational skills, her love for children of all ages and her passion for the theatre.


Polina lives in Stockholm where she has worked as a licensed guide and interpreter for 7 years. She believes that children should be allowed to explore the city in their own way. Discovering the city can be done in many different ways but the most important is that the experience has to be as interesting for children as for adults! It’s an educational and fun pastime in which the whole family should be happy to take part in.


After many trips between Stockholm and Belgium, Jérémie moved definitively to Sweden 3 years ago. He is licensed guide for the City of Stockholmworks as a school assistant with children aged 6 to 12 at the “Lycée Français de Stockholm”. A tour leader in his spare time, Jérémie is currently studying to become a licensed guide in Stockholm. By dint of strolling the streets of the city with his camera in hand, Jérémie knows all the nooks and crannies of Stockholm.

Listening to children

All our guides strive to place emphasis on collaboration and interaction when touring. Caring and patient, they make sure the tours are conducted in a friendly and joyful spirit.

Active learning

Accessories, objects, drawings will be used to enable children to quickly immerse themselves in the theme of the tour. Children will be invited to participate actively, to ask questions, and naturally play a full part in the discovery.

Experienced guides

All our guides have undergone specific training to guide children and know how to create interaction. They are attentive to enquiring minds and suggestions and know how to pounce on their comments to animate lively tours.