A thousand and one ways to discover Scandinavia

Captivate your children’s interest by involving them !

Combining education and playfulness, our tours are designed for children (6-12 years old) who are thirsty for discovery and experimentation.

Whether it’s a walk in the city or a visit to a museum, our guides are attentive and adaptable to the needs of small visitors by offering different angles, anecdotes and interaction in order to captivate the interest of your children.

Our guides and facilitators are trained to listen and establish a relationship of trust with children that generates interaction and a relaxed atmosphere essential for the cultural enrichment of children.


Our expertise

Scandikidstours was born from the initiative of two agencies established in Scandinavia  for almost 10 years : NORDIC INSITE and StockholMania Tours.

Noting a real shortage of tours suitable for small travellers, we have combined our know-how as guides as well as organizers of tours for business and leisure travellers, to develop tours specifically designed for children

All our tours are the result of our respective cultural experiences and the multi-disciplinary knowledge of our team.

For children

All our tours are designed for small travellers aged 6 to 12 years old. They combine discovery and games, and offer the children active participation for a richer and carefree discovery of the city or whichever theme is being explored. Our guides are experienced instructors and know how to engage children.

Every Saturday

Our tours are available on Saturday mornings and afternoons (depending on the requests and availability of our guides) and last approximately 1 hour 15 minutes, the ideal duration for active participation of small travellers. The details of departure will be sent by email as soon as a minimum number of participants is reached.

Small groups

For better flow (and better concentration of small travellers), the groups will be composed of a maximum of 12 participants (children and adults). This will enable us to pay full attention to each and every participant. A minimum of 2 families will be required to confirm the departure of the tour.