A Children-Friendly Tour at the National museum

Private tours can be booked any day of the week depending on the guides’ availability. Contact us for more information.


Who were the famous swedish painters and illustrators?

Children often had a great role to play in the artwork of well-known Swedish painters and illustrators. Whether it be Carl Larsson, Richard Bergh, Jenny Nyström, Fanny Brate or even Elsa Beskov, they all saw the 20th century as “the Century of the Child”, as stated by renowned Swedish education specialist, Ellen Key, in her eponymous book. For a moment, the recently restored National museum will become the scene of a clue hunt. In the various galleries and in the great marble stairs, the children will be invited to “spy with their little eyes” and locate the clues in the artwork. Attentiveness is important to fully grasp the messages behind the works on display.

 NB : All our tours are designed for families and will interest young and old. Please note that children must however remain under the responsibility of their parents for the duration of the tour. Parents cannot leave their children with the guide and leave the tour. 


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