Pippi, Alfie, the Moomins and the Others

Meeting with the characters from Swedish children’s literature

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Pippi Longstocking and many others ...

Swedish children’s books are full of famous characters and it is almost mission impossible to pick out a favourite. Pippi Longstocking is the most striking and well-known, at least internationally. This 9-year-old red-haired girl was created just after WWII by Astrid Lindgren. With her super strength, super speed and superhuman breath, Pippi questioned the balance of power between adults and children, as well as between boys and girls. With the birth of this little red-haired Swede, things were about to change like never before! Pippi became an icon and inaugurated a new era in children’s literature. Astrid Lindgren invented other fascinating characters such as Emil of Lönneberga,  Ronia, the Robber’s Daughter, and The Brothers Lionheart. Her stories contributed to a thorough reform of the Swedish welfare system and of child protection. After her, other illustrators created colourful characters such as Alfie Atkins, Pettson and Findus, the Moomins, Pulvret and many others. We will take a meandering route both inside and outside the museum, where the children will play and recognize the stories and settings.

The museum, built under the supervision of Astrid Lindgren, appeals to young children. Pay close attention to your guide, there might be little surprise for you at the end of your tour.

 NB : All our tours are designed for families and will interest young and old. Please note that children must however remain under the responsibility of their parents for the duration of the tour. Parents cannot leave their children with the guide and leave the tour.


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