ALFRED NOBEL, an engineer not like the others

Meeting Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Prize

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Who was Alfred Nobel?

Time to meet Alfred Nobel and take a peek into his most intriguing life. He was the son of a diplomat and the grandson of another famous Swede. He became a chemist, then an industrialist and he invented dynamite before founding the famous Nobel Prize. During this tour you will know more about his secrets and his misfortunes, his great inventiveness, his sense of humour and his famous testament. We will make an educational visit to the museum that bears his name and take a walk to a location celebrating his work and legacy. This will help you understand the man and perhaps grow fond of this true pacifist. Alfred Nobel created something very dangerous, but he still learned from his mistake and found a way to celebrate the best aspects of humanity. Pay close attention to your guide, there might be little surprise for you at the end of your tour.

 NB : All our tours are designed for families and will interest young and old. Please note that children must however remain under the responsibility of their parents for the duration of the tour. Parents cannot leave their children with the guide and leave the tour.


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